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Home Business Idea Boot Camp | Floral Design

Stop and smell the roses….especially if you are growing some in your backyard right now. Oh the love of all things flowery and beautiful! This week our idea is going to be for those of you who love to garden and design floral artwork.  

Some ideas for floral related businesses:

  • Create wedding centerpieces, bouquets and floral needs for the bridal industry.
  • Specialize in “I’m Sorry” bouquets for men who need to apologize.
  • Become the local high school florist for prom corsages, homecoming and graduations. Talk to your local school and see if you can hand out flyers in the schools in exchange for a 10-15% commission on all sales that the school sends your way. The school has an instant fundraiser and you have your foot in the door for some big profit potential.
  • Teach floral arrangement classes at your local parks and recreation department.
  • Offer a weekly centerpiece delivery service. Bring your customers a bouquet of fresh flowers for their home once a week.

Homeschooling and Mompreneurs

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I made the decision to start homeschooling all of my kids. I spent hours online researching and talking to other homeschool families. A pattern started to develop that had nothing to do with curriculum or learning style. The majority of moms who home school their kids also have a home business.  The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. I made a list of my top reasons why homeschool moms make great entrepreneurs.

  • Homeschool moms have the mentality that if it isn’t working, than fix it. They don’t sit on the sidelines watching, they take charge.
  • You have to be somewhat organized if you are going to be a home educator. You just can’t wing it when you are teaching your own kids. They have a sixth sense for trouble.
  • A home educator is used to doing this differently.  If it works better for your family, then you will do it, regardless of what anyone thinks. This is a great skill for creating a business that is unique.
  • Homeschool moms can multitask well.
  • You have to find a way to pay for expensive curriculum somehow.
  • Surprisingly, when you homeschool, you spend a lot of time visiting new places and meeting  new people. There are all kinds of homeschool groups and field trips that give you a chance to talk with potential customers.
  • A home business can help your kids learn about math, responsibility, organization and communication skills. Let them help you package orders, help with products and build the biz as part of their education and life skills.

There are so many great qualities that can be transferred from teaching skills to a home business.  If you are a homeschool mom that is also a business owner, I would love to hear from you.  If you are thinking about starting a business, check out our online courses to help you get started. Happy schooling!


New Year and New Biz

New Year

It is a new year and you have a fresh palette to work with. January is the best time to freshen things up and get your business in order.  Here is a list of some new year tips for your business.

  • Plan out your marketing promotions for the year and write down the schedule. If you need help with this, our Marketing 101 Class can make it easier.
  • Look at your website and update information, check links and freshen up.
  • What new products or services could you add this year?
  • What products or services are getting old and need to be retired?
  • Clean up your desk and workspace. Throw out the clutter and prepare for your new customers.
  • Clean up your computer folders and desktop.
  • Plan your goals for the year and write them down.
  • Read a book that inspires you.
  • Find someone you can serve with your skills. Pay it forward and you will be blessed for your kindness and generosity.

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Featured Friday | The English Pea Studio

I have been wanting to share Alison English’s shop for a while.  I found English Pea Studio while I was looking for some unique party decorations for my daughter’s 8th birthday.  Alison creates illustrations in stationery, prints, and party goods that are absolutely adorable. Are you ready to learn more about this talented lady?



I am a mommy of two and lost my job two years ago. I am married to a school teacher and the secondary income was necessary to help make ends meet. I had always desired to be full time at home with the kiddos, but it wasn’t in the cards until I lost my job. Because the economy was so bad we decided that I would stay home and see if I could build my little business to help recoup the income I lost in my previous job. Amazingly, it happened. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how things have turned out and I can’t wait to see where my adventures take me next!


The most important thing I have learned as a business owner is to follow my gut. There are a lot of people doing what I am doing and it is hard not to follow others because they are successful. One example is choosing to not sell printables. They are SO popular, but I never felt solid about offering them exclusively. Turns out that a lot of my customers not only return to my business for my work, but for the quality of my products and the fact that I print in house.


Pottery Barn – I would redo my house!:)


My computer!


I just think being a work at home mommy can be funny – a typical day is quite hilarious if you think about it – check email, get juice, put together a proof, change a dirty diaper, assemble package, give scraps to child to color. Some days the back and forth between the two is just plain funny!


I LOVE what I do. Even in my off time I am creating. But I do LOVE to cook and create things for my home – oh, and from time to time make some cute clothing for the kiddos.


Don’t rush it, test the market, and do research. I waited nine months to open my etsy shop when I started. I wanted to launch a prodcut line – not just a few things that I had created. I studied what others were doing and I made sure I had all my equipment, tested papers and ink colors, and wanted my packaging to be just right before I started selling. I think this really helped. My business has evolved over the years and I am still learning where my niche is so don’t be afraid to follow the organic nature of your business as it evovles. The ride is both exciting and fun.


I love a little gourmet restaurant in a little urban community in downtown Atlanta called Murphy’s. I live in the burbs so it is nice to go into the city and eat wonderful food, in a relaxed environment. I feel like I have transported to another world.

Green – in just about every shade.


Italy – and for at least a month – because I want to see it all!


I am the oldest of six children and I was home schooled back when it was weird – but I don’t plan to school my ownchildren at home. Not against it, I just know I am not cut out of that mold.


Online at

The English Pea Studio


Home Business Idea Boot Camp | Fitness Instructor

This week’s home business  idea is one that I could really use right now.  Do you love to workout? Are you a healthy eating, exercise loving woman? Share that enthusiasm and knowledge with people like me. I want to eat better, but get overwhelmed by meal planning.  I would love to have a fitness boot camp nearby to go to and get some help on losing the extra poundage I have been toting around.

teach a fitness class

  • Nutrition Consulting
  • Meal Planning Organization and Ideas
  • Boot Camp Instructor
  • Post-Partum Exercise Class
  • Sports Instruction and Classes for kids or adults
  • Zumba Class Instructor
  • Personal Training
  • Fitness Life Coach – Encourage  clients with their healthy eating and exercise programs
  • Teach classes at the local parks and recreation
  • Teach PE to homeschool groups
  • Maternity Fitness Instructor